Chris Lieto

In June 2008, we received the following from Chris Lieto's manager:

"We heard about your great product at Wildflower. We'd love to talk to you about sponsorship opportunities. I manage Pro Triathlete Chris Lieto who has launched the very successful Green Athlete program this year. He travels to all of his races in his Green van run on biodiesal living out of it along the way. Action Wipes would be a great product for him and a great product for him to promote along the way. Please contact me at your convenience - we'd love to put something together."

As an approved green business, of course we were very interested in being a part of Chris' green initiative. We responded immediately advising we would be more than happy to participate as a product sponsor. We sent a box full of samples for him and his manager to try out and eventually received the following from his manager:

Hi Martha! Yes, I received the package. Thank you very much. Chris just returned today after racing the Columbia Triathlon so I will make sure to give everything to him when I see him this week. And I'll get you feedback asap. Thanks.

That was the final email. I continued to call, send emails and eventually sent Chris a direct email through his blog, but we never received a response. Not even a courtesey email to say they didn't like the wipes, or perhaps they needed more than just product, anything would have been nice. Needless to say, I was bummed!

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