Where Have We Been?!

I know, it's been soooo long since I posted. Why? Well, I could tell you that I've been swamped and over-loaded with work, but really - I've been swamped and over-loaded with fun!

Over the past several months we attended several events including San Luis Obispo Gran Fondo, Levi's Gran Fondo (where Patrick Dempsey got to try Action Wipes! Yes, that's him in the hot sporty car.), Interbike - where we once again hosted and coordinated the big tweet-up and then before we knew it, the holidays were upon us. 

Yes, most people spend the holidays with their loved ones, stringing lights, putting up a tree and drinking hot toddies - not us. Noooo, we decided to start remodeling our home during the holidays! What we thought would take just a couple of weeks, turned out to take a couple of months. What were we thinking?!

Anyway, I'm still busy trying to finish the small things around the house - like painting the window and door trim, replacing cabinet hardware, sealing tile and other small things. But we're *almost* done, just a couple more things and I'll be back on track with the blog. I promise!