Go Ahead, Buy Their Wipe

With all the different wipes on the market, how do you choose one that's right for your needs?

Well, I've tried to explain this before, but I'm going to put it a different way this time, so listen up...

  • Want to clean your butt after you ate that oversized burrito and had to run to the bathroom? Buy these. (And, if you're not sure how to do it, follow these instructions.)
  • Want to clean the snot out of your kid's nose (or yours for that matter)? Buy these.
  • Want to clean your vajajay? Buy these
  • Want to clean his... um... you know! Buy these.
  • Want to clean everything, and do it well? Buy these.
So what's the real difference between all these wipes - aside from the various body parts they clean? Well, I'll tell you... Marketing, manufacturing, ingredients and quality.

This is how getting a wipe to market typically starts - You have a need of one kind or another, which turns into an idea. Then many plans are made, including a marketing plan which describes how the product will be promoted so that lots of people will buy it.

Then you find a manufacturer to bring the idea to life. You tell them your idea and what you want it to smell like (mango anyone?). They tell you how much, you give them the art work for the packaging (based upon your marketing plan) and they put it all together - with their wetting solution. They call this private label. The only difference between most wipes on the market is the spiel.

But, here's where Action Wipes differs from the rest...

Our formula is the secret. Action Wipes is not a marketing idea…It was developed from the beginning to be a body cleanser with ingredients that we know are safe for every inch of your body and our planet too. We hired our own chemist to create our own, proprietary wetting solution. We ensure that only plant derived ingredients are used. The formula is created in a separate lab, and then shipped in pails to the wipe manufacturer. The manufacturer simply adds water then dips, cuts, folds and inserts the wet fabric into the package. Fabric, which by the way, took years of research to find in order to ensure the right size, weight and quality.

The result - a truly original, natural body wipe, specifically designed to clean and deodorize your body. No parabens, No sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), No alcohol, No BS!

So, when those other guys tell you that their de-greasing, bike cleaning, bath or butt towel formula is good enough for your body, ask yourself this... "Really?" Then check their ingredients.

You can check out our ingredients simply by clicking here.

And remember - NEVER flush any wipe in the toilet or porta-potti (I'll tell you why in the next post).