We've listened to you and were're taking action. Coming in May 2009 - Our New Single Pack!

The single (rim shot) most requested change is now in the works. This new packaging will allow you to take just one or two wipes wherever you go. They'll easily fit in your jersey pocket, transition bag, backpack, bike kit... you get the idea.

Multi packs will be offered with a washable mesh bag to allow storage of the used Action Wipes so that you simply throw the bag and the used wipes in with the rest of your whites when ready to wash. Then, as always, repurpose them for other uses. Once you have the mesh bag, you simply purchase the single packs as needed. Is that cool or what??

Additionally, we're working on refining the scent, giving it a slightly higher top note of frankincense.

Another cool thing about the new packaging - we can now offer your team, organization or company co-branding. Co-branding Action Wipes is an effective way to market your brand and guarantee that you are spreading your business name on high quality, ecologically friendly wet wipes. Not only that, but you can sell them and raise some cash for your team or club. We're taking orders now, so call or email us for more details.

I'm so excited about these changes and the awesome feedback you've provided. You've been extremely helpful; for which I am grateful. However, we still need your help in finding distributors and local retailers. So please, if you have any contacts, additional ideas or questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly or post a comment. I may be reached via email or at 805.462.2215.

It's a Small World

I'll admit it - I tend to be slightly extroverted. I like talking with people. I'm not afraid to start conversations anywhere there happens to be people around. Nope, I'm not even afraid of making cold calls. I guess that's why I was so successful in my sales career.

In fact, I pick up people.

I once met a woman at a networking event that I found interesting, so I called her the next day and said "I think you're interesting, will you be my friend?" That was in 2001, Madeline and I are good friends to this day. When we first moved to Atascadero in 2004, Curt and I didn't know a soul - until we went to the opening of the Carlton Hotel. Sitting at the bar, I found the man sitting next to us very interesting (though we had not yet started a conversation), so I said to him "we're new in town, will you be our friend?" Come to find out, he was the Chief of Police at Cal Poly at the time and I just happen to be a sales rep for a company that developed public safety applications. This turned out to be another great friendship.

It's been a couple of years since we last went to the Carlton, so last Friday we decided to meet some friends there for a drink. Curt and I arrived early and sitting across from us were two young men that I found interesting. Wanting to start a conversation, I threw them my new pick up line... "do you twitter?" (Forget "what's your sign" or "do you come here often", this one works *much* better!) This of course got the conversation started and soon we were friends with Chris from Los Angeles.

OK, so here is where it becomes a really small world - it's a little complicated, but stay with me...

Next day I had a notice that Chris had begun following me on Twitter, so I welcomed him and introduced him to my 1300+ friends. Later that morning, I checked in on his page and noticed he had several new followers since I last peeked. When I went to see who his followers were, I was surprised to see one of them was my daughter, Bettina. Hmmm, I thought, she must have seen my introduction and decided to follow him too. I better let him know who she is...

This is the twitter exchange that followed:

Me: Bettina, who is following you too is my daughter, she lives in LA

Chris: I work with Bettina at The Farm...

Me: Wait a minute, are you the chris I met last night in Atascadero?

Chris: Yep....

Me: Are you serious, you know Bettina?? OMG!

Chris: yeah, i know Bettina...

Me: Amazed at what a small world this is

Chris: I know, right...

For a moment, I was so confused. When he said he knew Bettina, I thought "oh no, that's not the same Chris I met last night, it must be one of her friends that decided to follow me. I introduced the wrong person!" But come to find out, Chris works at the same restaurant as my daughter, and even car pools at times. Who would have thought?!

We met again that Saturday evening so that I could give him some Action Wipes and we decided not to tell Bettina until he saw her - he was going to go back to L.A. and tell her he met the coolest woman (cuz, you know, I am cool). Then he was going to show her a pack of Action Wipes that I had given him - the look on her face would be priceless! Unfortunately, Bettina got laid off before he returned. (Please, does anyone know of photographer jobs in L.A?)

So Bettina, guess who I met?!

No Photoshop Used

Since the posting of the Amgen Tour of California "Lance Armstrong" marketing campaign, I've been asked numerous times if the images were photoshopped...

NO, they were not. Click here to see the making of the campaign. Thank you again Cyclefilm!

Wait till you see who's next! ;)

(Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systens Inc.)