We've listened to you and were're taking action. Coming in May 2009 - Our New Single Pack!

The single (rim shot) most requested change is now in the works. This new packaging will allow you to take just one or two wipes wherever you go. They'll easily fit in your jersey pocket, transition bag, backpack, bike kit... you get the idea.

Multi packs will be offered with a washable mesh bag to allow storage of the used Action Wipes so that you simply throw the bag and the used wipes in with the rest of your whites when ready to wash. Then, as always, repurpose them for other uses. Once you have the mesh bag, you simply purchase the single packs as needed. Is that cool or what??

Additionally, we're working on refining the scent, giving it a slightly higher top note of frankincense.

Another cool thing about the new packaging - we can now offer your team, organization or company co-branding. Co-branding Action Wipes is an effective way to market your brand and guarantee that you are spreading your business name on high quality, ecologically friendly wet wipes. Not only that, but you can sell them and raise some cash for your team or club. We're taking orders now, so call or email us for more details.

I'm so excited about these changes and the awesome feedback you've provided. You've been extremely helpful; for which I am grateful. However, we still need your help in finding distributors and local retailers. So please, if you have any contacts, additional ideas or questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly or post a comment. I may be reached via email or at 805.462.2215.

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  1. Martha sent me a sample packet of Action Wipes. THEY ACTUALLY WORK! Thanks.