The Amazing Liz Hatch

Thanks again to Cyclefilm, I just had the most amazing opportunity of spending two days with one of cycling's hottest women racers, Liz Hatch of Team Vanderkitten. All I can say is "Wow!"

Aside from being hot (like seriously gorgeous hot), she's an incredible athlete, the nicest person, and guys, she's single. Damn, I'm jealous (of the gorgeous, sexy, hot, athlete part...cuz you know, I'm very happily married - still in love married!).

You'll get to see what I'm talking about in the upcoming Cyclefilm DVD with Liz riding through Marin. Having been there for the filming, I can tell you this will be one hot video! So bookmark Cyclefilm's website for sneak previews and release dates. (Not to give anything away, but you may even find out about what Liz sleeps with and one of her biggest temptations!)

And yes, Liz loves Action Wipes! I'm telling you what - Lance has to notice this one!!


  1. If I buy action wipes to they come with a free Liz Hatch life size poseable super hero doll?

  2. That is one hot cat!