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Just wanted to share February's comments... March & April will be posted soon. Keep em coming!
  • I do cyclocross and am an ex Ironman due to injuries. The wipes are perfect for Cyclocross. You want to clean up fast in the cold and rain and change into something dry!
  • Love them! Love that you can rinse and reuse :)
  • The sports spray just arrived. It smells SO good!! I LOVE eucalyptus!
  • Not in my plan, but rode bike longer than expected. Late to church mtg, so used Action Wipes. Was followed by a gang of Koala bears :)
  • I am doing cardio before work in the morning...your wipes allow me to fit it in cuz i don't have time for another shower...i shower at night
  • I am switching to morning runs, and with the associated time crunch, your product is going to make a big difference in my day!
  • Ok, I finally tried Action Wipes and I Love them! They are absolutely the perfect solution for anyone who runs during lunch.
  • Seriously... these are the real deal. They smell great, work even better and are safe. What more do you need? I've used them after a long day on the Vegas strip with sandals and after a quick run on break. Great product!
  • Martha ActionWipes are refreshing and also great for grease removal from body and bike
  • I had personal perfect service from start to delivery. Will use again and recommend to everyone.
  • After a long day in the break, there's nothing like a swipe with a wipe, "Action Wipes" that is.
  • I love the smell of the wipes! If you have a mailing list, i would love to join. Wish you success!
  • I LOVE my Action Wipes!!!
  • Have a customer traveling to Zimbabwe for a month-stocking up on Action Wipes to take with her!
  • Just got back from mountain biking and the crew loved the Action Wipes after!!
  • I ordered these to take with me to a certain desert festival last year. I ordered some extras to hand out to friends and gosh was I ever popular! These things are great! They smell great and really get the job done. We even used our action wipes on a sweaty camping and climbing trip and people couldn't believe we went two weeks without showering. We looked fresh as daisies! Plus ordering was breeze and the folks at Action Wipes are fabulous. Thanks guys!
  • I can't wait to go out and get all sweaty and ActionWipe myself down!!!
  • Still addicted to the smell!

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