Win a Year's Supply of Action Wipes!

So as we've been telling you - Action Wipes are strong, washable and durable. After washing, they can be repurposed for other uses, or recharged for continued personal use with our Sports Spray.

At the Avia Wildflower Triathlon this past weekend, we went through a lot of testers (as we usually do at events). Rather than have folks throw the wipes away, we always try to collect them and bring them home to wash and repurpose around our house.

As always, we were asked "how do you repurpose them". For fun, I told a team of women they could make bikini's out of them. After all, if they can withstand 5 machine washings, they should be able to withstand a wave or two - right? So I proceeded to create a bikini - using nine (9) Action Wipes from our recycling bag.

Pretty cool and sexy don't you think? (Note, there are no pins, buttons, bobby pins or anything but hand knots holding it together.)

Having created this masterpiece, we asked Amy & Julie of Whooha Gear if we could hang it up as part of their clothing collection, again, just for fun. The response was great, people loved it!

To that end, we are creating a contests to test your imagination, craft and adventure skills, while at the same time help a charitable cause...

The Contest (May 5 - May 31, 2009)
We're looking for an Action Wipes Girl and/or Guy to fill the pages of our 2010 Calendar. If you are a cyclist, triathlete, marathon runner, climber, hiker, surfer, kayaker or overall outdoor enthusiast - we want you!

The contest starts by submitting a brief proposal (with pictures) or video as to why you should be considered as our 2010 Action Wipes Girl or Guy. The 5 most creative proposals will receive 20 single packs of Action Wipes. From there contestants will have to create an outfit made entirely of those wipes. You will then submit a video modeling your creation and describing how you made it. The two most creative contestants will be crowned as the 2010 Action Wipes Girl(s) or Guy(s).

Winners will receive a year's supply of Action Wipes and featured in our 2010 calendar. The calendar will be made available for purchase through our website and participating partners and retailers. Net proceeds will be distributed to the winner's favorite charity or club.

(Just FYI... we've already received some pretty cool submissions!)
Please note that by submitting your videos and photos, you allow Life Elements, Inc. to use your image. Please contact us for a full models release.


  1. AnonymousMay 05, 2009

    How about getting those Cannondale cuties from the TOC to pose?

  2. I vote for Martha posing in the bikini. I met her at OR this summer. Stunning! Gorgeous! What do you say Martha?