Burning Man

A lot of folks have heard about Burning Man, if you're one of the few that has not, you can learn more about them at http://www.burningman.com/. I personally am grateful for this annual event as it is because of it that Action Wipes came to be. (You can actually read about this in the "About Us" page of our website (actionwipes.com/aboutus.com)).

We personally have not been to Black Rock due to circumstances beyond our control (last year I had to have surgery, this year our good friend David was getting married). However we plan on attending soon - I even have my Glow Fur (http://www.glowfur.com/) ready! However, my personal relationship with Burning Man management is somewhat strained at this moment...

You see, during the months of June/July, I noticed that "Black Rock City LLC"s network was visiting the Action Wipes website a lot. This of course got me excited - I mean come on, Burning Man headquarters checking my site out?? Could they possibly be interested in getting some Action Wipes for Center Camp? That would be so-ooo cool. I was even prepared to send them a free case if they were interested. But alas, that was not what they wanted...

One day, I got a call from their attorney's office in San Francisco - they weren't pleased that I was using a photo of the "burning man" on our website that a friend of ours had taken. So I took it down - and they made sure I kept it down by continuing to visit the site - both Black Rock City LLC and their attorneys. So that's my beef with management for now. I'm cooling off and will soon send them a case of Action Wipes anyway - maybe they too will cool off.

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