My Thanksgiving Vacation

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. This year, we closed the office for the week in order to spend time with our families and give thanks for what we have. Curt headed to Palm Springs to visit with his folks, while I headed to San Pedro, Mexico to visit my dad.

To get to San Pedro, one must fly into Guadalajara then drive 2.5 hours southwest, towards Puerto Vallarta. The drive is scary as the road is only two lanes with dangerous curves, big trucks and impatient drivers that aren't afraid of passing those trucks regardless of the curves. Phew, just thinking about it scares me. Anyway, San Pedro is a very small town, I actually call it a village, with a population of no more than 600 people.

San Pedro is where my mother and I were born and where I was raised by my grandmother till the age of five. (That's my grandma in the middle and that's the house I was born and raised in.) Spanish was my first language. However, it was quickly forgotten as my dad began to teach me English from the moment I arrived in the U.S. and insisted it be the only language I speak from then on. Spanish was not allowed in the house as I grew up, which I believe was mostly because he couldn't speak nor understand it. Yup, my dad is a white boy, a gringo - thus making me a mutt (just like President Elect Obama.)

It's ironic that he's now living in San Pedro because prior to his retirement some 20+ years ago, he'd never even stepped foot in Mexico. He's been living there now over 15 years and guess what? He still doesn't speak spanish. But he's happy and lives well enough on his navy pension and social security. Not as happy as when my mom was alive, but happy enough. (One day I'll tell you about my mom - she was the Sheriff of San Pedro!)

This post doesn't really have anything to do with Action Wipes, I just wanted you to know a little about my dad. Because if it hadn't been for him bringing me back to the U.S. and giving me the love, support and encouragement to be whatever I wanted to be - I would never have had the opportunity to create Action Wipes.

Thank you Dad, I love you!!

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