Here are what some of our friends on Twitter are saying about Action Wipes:
  • I finally had a chance to try out the Action Wipes and...let me tell you why I am in love with them. First, they smell incredible. I can spend the day smelling clean and fresh, not like a freshly lathered up baby. Also, unlike other wipes I've used after hiking or on the road, they don't leave any residue on me. Huge plus when showering is not an option. I really love these.

  • Well, I would not have believed it, but my reaction to the Action Wipes, was completely different. Refreshing and cooling, with no residue. NO ALLERGIC REACTION. I also used the spray, first testing it on my inner wrist. No problems, and a great product. I brought them to lunch after today's grueling ride through 12 miles of smoke (30 miles in all) from the LA County and Santa Barbara fires. I wish I had taken a picture of the wipes before and after. They were black in some places. Four out of four women loved them. Loved the way it cleaned entirely, and left no residue. Loved the scent. Loved the size. Loved the Eco footprint.

  • Action wipes are fantastic.

  • Action Wipes work. Before/after my 30k trail run.

  • Sorry, meant to write a mini rave. Action wipes were awesome! One of my climbing buddies stole them they were that good.

  • Loved them! We took them on our last trip and they were great. I was surprised to see how sturdy they were and they smelled great. We loved them!

  • Hi! I was just thinking about you. They're great! I'll be mentioning them in an upcoming travelingmamas post :)

  • I action-wiped myself today and i really dig the scent. these will come in handy backpacking... :)

  • They smell good, without being perfumey. That's a definite plus.

  • Went through whole pack in Moab. They really came in handy! Intend to write a post about them. Here's one just from face

  • Passed out the Action Wipes to our marathon training group post run this morning to RAVE reviews. Looks like a winner!

  • Thanks again for the action wipes. Every camper could use some. Definitely great for when there's no shower around!

  • I did get a chance to try a couple. They are very nice. I like how they don't leave me sticky and don't smell strong.

  • Thanks for the AW! They are awesome! In fact, love everything about them. Plan on doing a future blog post too.

  • Hi, their wonderful, we are having our chapter gathering tomorrow, and we are going to pass them around and get ideas from them. let u know.

  • We used them Columbus day weekend after hiking Tuckermans Ravine in NH. Luckily Martha had sent us a pack of ActionWipes! We were able to get the hiking/campfire funk off of ourselves for an enjoyable drive back down to southern NH feeling nice and clean! Thanks so much for an awesome product! I recommend them to everyone.

  • Thx for the Action Wipes. They worked great. Best thing now is that I can use them to keep my bike in order.

  • Just ran the Silicon Valley Marathon. Treated it as a tune-up long run (took it EZ). Used my Action Wipes afterwards. Awesome!

  • Just got the action wipes. Wow! Far exceeded my expectations. Our van will smell real purty-like.

  • Like ur Actionwipes. Clean n refreshng-0 residue. LOVE the reusability. Next am putting on peppermint essentials for reuse. MAHALO!

  • A big thank you for the Action Wipes. Ragnar was GRIMEY! Those things were mega-awesome. Total Shower Replacement.

  • We try to be on top of the next big thing. We think Action Wipes qualifies. Thanks for your race sponsorship!

  • WOW! Action Wipes are great! Must show them to the local bike shop! Thanks! Much better than baby wipes for post-ride clean-up.

  • Sunday Funday long run day. 10 miles of pure joy. Glad to have my action wipes at the end.

  • Martha, Action Wipes were at hit with Team White Line Fever during the Ragnar Texas Relay. Stay tuned for a mention on the podcast.

  • Used action wipes after a few days in flip flops... Worked great!

  • Love the smell and feel of my skin after I used them.

  • Congrats on your feature in Dec Triathlete Mag! My husband and I LOVE the Action Wipes after long runs.

  • They worked great. Perfect size to wipe down with. Small package, easy to carry with you.

  • Hey Martha, they arrived a couple of days ago. I love them! The liquid seems a little soapy at first but it dries quickly. The aroma is SO much better than baby wipes! I have been sharing them with our group and they always go quickly!

  • I have tried them and I love em! I keep a pack in my car so anytime I need to go somewhere after I ride, I just use an Action Wipe and I am good to go! I will continue to use and buy them

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  1. Seriously... these are the real deal. They smell great, work even better and are safe. What more do you need? I've used them after a long day on the Vegas strip with sandals and after a quick run on break. Great product!