White Line Fever at Ragnar Relay/Texas 2008

Congratulations to Team White Line Fever for finishing Ragnar Relay/Texas 2008, a 200 mile relay, in an impressive time of 33:05:49 hours!

Two weeks ago, Brett from Team White Line Fever had contacted me about providing Action Wipes for the relay after hearing how bad the smell can get with four heavy sweating bodies in the van. So we sent them a care package. Here is what Brett just sent me:

Our team got lots of recognition as the craziest team out there. "Are you guys doing this with only six people?" After we told them no, four, they almost fell over. This happened over and over again.

Those Action Wipes are almost a total shower replacement. I never got one comment about smelling bad and those things cut through grime like a knife through butter. I even wiped down with it and then would leave it out to help freshen up the van. We ran through some serious heat, grime, and auto traffic. One wipe down and felt all sparkley!

See more photos of White Line Fever.

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