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First, thank you to everyone that participated in Jaime Whitmore's silent auction, which raised $12,500!! But it doesn't end there - we can still help. Jaime and Courtney can use gift cards, or money which can be sent via Paypal to Also, I believe another auction site is being set up on eBay, but I don't have that info yet. Will post as soon as I find out though. And yes, the years supply of Action Wipes sold on site!

As of today, we are now following 877 interesting people from all walks of life on Twitter. And we are being followed by 209. This social media network is easy and fun. I like it because it allows you to mix business with pleasure. Those that are following me have gotten to know me on a personal level as well as created some business opportunities for us. Check it out and follow me.


Life Elements, creators of Action Wipes, is a proud partner of Through our partnership, we are able to offset our carbon emmissions and ship carbon free. In this recent article, helps us spread the word about Action Wipes: Want to be a Good Steward of the Outdoors? Stay Clean Responsibly With Action Wipes

Click here and listen to our podcast visit withYoga Mama Satsangha - LaSara Firefox. This was a fun interview where I got to talk about going green and how I started the Life Elements' line of products - C&M Couples and Action Wipes.

If you're riding your bike to work or at lunch and then have to rush to a meeting, read how Karl McCracken from the U.K. found Action Wipes so useful... Just Peachy After a Hard Ride


  • We went on a trek in the Peryar Tiger Preserve and used the Action Wipes quite a bit. It was the end of the monsoon, so the wet and humidity made them really indispensable.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Action-wiped myself today and i really dig the scent. these will come in handy backpacking... :)

  • I got the package of your products and THEY ROCK! Thank you so much.

  • Used my first action wipe today. Fantastic product! Will have to keep on hand in my tri bag for those busy days.

  • I used your actions wipes today on my 20 mi bike ride, sis-n-law was like what are those, so i instanly became your advertisement.

  • That's it?! Only 6 ingredients?! Wow!

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