The Pitch Tank

In business, there are always risks…
Going to the Locker2Locker Pitch Tank in Florida was a risk – both personally and financially. The question is… was it worth it?

I first heard of the contest when Kevin Harrington posted a tweet announcing the contest. After checking it out and seeing it would take place in “Hollywood”, I thought to myself – “heck, if I win, it’s only a few hours drive”, so I completed the application, printed a copy for my records and boom, hit the send button.

Several weeks later, when I received an email advising I was chosen as a finalist, I got excited. Until I realized it was in Hollywood – FLORIDA and only one week to book the trip. Oh. Crap. Quick mental calculation: Air (last minute ticket), hotel (Super Bowl week), rental car, mileage, parking, food and other incidentals  = NOT IN BUDGET. My head droped and my shoulders slumped in dissapointment.

But after speaking with the coordinator and learning about the invitee list, I thought this could be a great networking opportunity. The infomercial wasn't as attractive to me as was the chance to meet Kevin Harrington, Les Brown, Lisa NicholsSusie Carder and others in person. When would I ever have the opportunity again to meet professionals like this all in one place? After discussing it with my husband, we both agreed this could be good... and you just never know what could happen. So keeping myself open to possibilities, I booked the trip.

The Pitch was held at Trump Hollywood, a luxurious high-rise immediately recognizable as The Donald's brand. As a finalist, I was invited to attend a VIP Pre-Awards Reception in one of the high-rise suites... Swanky!

Following the reception, the finalists were asked to meet in the library to begin preparing for our presentations. At this point, I start getting nervous. Being upstairs the entire time, I didn't realize that several hundred people were partying downstairs too - and they were going to be watching our presentations. YIKES.

To help me relax, I went up to each and every person in the room, handed them a pack of Action Wipes and said... "I'm pitching my product tonight, Action Wipes, and I'd like you to try them. I would really like your feedback after I'm done." Everyone was very kind, gave me words of encouragement and wished me well. How cool is that!

We were then asked into the "green room"...

Where we were briefed and given instructions...

We were also advised that we would go in random order, except for Elite Health, they would go first. Overall, the event didn't go exactly as planned due to time constraints. Originally, all the contestants were suppose to pitch, then three finalists would be selected, they would pitch again then a winner would be announced. Instead, we all pitched and were told the winner would be announced in the morning - during the business summit. Bummer.

However, after the pitch, I stuck around to thank the judges – that’s when I saw Kevin speaking to a camera, announcing the winner.… As I read his lips, I was disappointed, I didn’t win. The winner was Elite Health, the first presenter.

At the end of the evening, as I was waiting for my car, I had the opportunity to speak with Kevin one-to-one as he waited for his car too. (Ok…his limo.) I asked “why Elite?”  He told me what he liked was that Elite already had 180,000 distributors and was generating income. Having said he liked my product and could see a lot of opportunity, I asked - "Can you help me, and if not, do you know anyone that can?" He said it would be a good product for the Home Shopping Network (HSN), but he wanted to think about it more as he was on overload from all of the day's events. So he asked that I follow up with him by sending more detailed information and we would go from there.

So there you have it. Was it worth it? It was to me. And you just never know what can happen from the samples I passed out (not only at the event, but to the flight attendants, business folks in the shuttle, passengers next to me on the plane... call me Johnny Appleseed!)

And remember - always ask for help and don't stop there. The person you ask may not be able to, but you never know who they may know!


  1. Very cool, Martha. Hopefully you'll get some good leads with this.

  2. Tammy MillerFebruary 09, 2010

    Way to put it out there, Martha!

    Like tossing a pebble into the pond, you are creating a ripple effect. The right fit will present itself to you, and you will reap the rewards you so fully deserve.

    Keep up the good work!