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Remember how we made lemonade out of lemons? Well, here's an update...

Since that blog post and with the help from friends, family and organizations such as Supplies for Soldiers, Operation: Action Pack, Help A Service Member Out, and Armed Forces YMCA, we have mailed over 30,000 packs of Action Wipes to Military personnel serving our country in Iraq and over 5,000 to non-profit organizations in the U.S.!! (It gives me goosebumps every time I think about it.)

We have received numerous letters, emails and tweets from soldiers thanking us for the donation, but really, it is we that are grateful. This was a minuscule act in relation to what they go through everyday to protect our country and our freedom. Our hearts, prayers and thanks go out to them.

Having received permission, I'd like to share a couple letters with you...

Was On Patrol & Visited A Village. The Local Sheik Said That There Was A Man W/ Burns All Over His Body So I Went & Checked It Out. Since I'm The C.O.'s Personal Security & Personal Medic. The C.O. Asked Me If I Can Help Him. His Story Is He Got Burned Working W/Asphalt. I Figured He Was Planting An IED/EFP. But I Gave Him The Benefit Of The Doubt. So I Started By Irrigating His Burns. Then I Needed Something To Scrub It Down. The Only Thing I Had Were Action Wipes! So I Used Those. Then Applied Cream To Heal His Burns. Who'd A Thought I'd Be Using Em To Treat A Burn? Can't Leave The Wire W/Out A Few Action Wipes In My Pocket! Combat Tested & Approved! - R.C. Kirkuk, Iraq

Martha van Inwegen - I apologize for this letter taking so long. My name is Sgt. Simon Adam Martin. I believe my friend Jordan Cole gave you my address here in Iraq and I received your Action Wipes. First let me tell you that your product is an excellent contribution to the field gear carried by soldiers. It is most beneficial for those men who are not provided the luxury of a shower. Also as a former US Army Ranger, I know that this product would be most beneficial to the Warriors who spend much time in Direct Action. With you permission, I would like to share some of the wipes you sent me with my comrades and offer them some information about your product.

Next let me say how nice it is that your towels are reusable which seems to coincide with the environmental approach of your company. As a student of Landscape Architecture, in my civilian life, I appreciate any approach toward a more sustainable product or process. Finally let me say how appreciative I am of your consideration for me and my fellow soldiers. It is so special to have companies, regardless of political views that are supportive and considerate of the men and women who leave their lives, families, and friends behind to support the cause of freedom.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for your help, your product, your support, your thoughts and your prayers. - Adam Martin, S.

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  1. Truly inspirational. There are no accidents in life. I know it was a screw up with your supplier that led to this, but wow, what an amazing result. You're amazing Martha.