Run, Wipe, Attend Symphony

Our friends at Ken Combs Running Store recently shared a pack of Action Wipes with some friends. Here is the feedback...

"I loved the wipes. I gave one to Art and he informed me that he would have wiped down more "aggressively" except that John came in the restroom and started talking to Art during the clean-up.

I used one and I felt like that I had a mini bath. The smell was nice, but not too strong (I have a very sensitive nose and I can't stand perfumey odors). I must say that when I left Otter Creek Park, it did not look like that I just ran 17.8 miles.

I also gave one to another woman...She was very thankful because she was on her way to Birmingham.

This is a product that I would take with me to triathlon races because usually there is no running water around the area. Art and I are pretty skanky after a race and then to have to drive 2 plus hours, it gets even skankier! If you carry this product in your store, I will buy it.

Again, thanks for the wipes. I believe the audience of the Indiana Youth Symphony is very thankful as well!"


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